Mean Web Host

Scheduled Tasks

Configuring Your Tasks

You can schedule certain commands to be run at specific times and intervals.

The task can also email you any script output when it is executed. If you do not wish to be sent an email for each task, please leave the Email field blank.

Here is a list of interpreters and the path to use for them: 

PHP 5.3 /usr/bin/php53 

PHP 5.4 /usr/bin/php54 

PHP 5.5 /usr/bin/php55 

PHP 5.6 /usr/bin/php56 

PHP 7.0 /usr/bin/php70 

PHP 7.1 /usr/bin/php71 

PHP 7.2 /usr/bin/php72 

Ruby /usr/bin/ruby

Python /usr/bin/python

Perl /usr/bin/perl

Your path: /home/sites/3b/e/e93c9aaf82/

Modify Scheduled Tasks

You do not have any scheduled tasks.